Mountains, Trees, and the “Shouldn’t Bes”

There are some things in life that just shouldn’t be. A mustard stain on your tie right before a big interview. A dent on your passenger side door even though you parked it in the back forty. Tortilla chips without salsa or crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth. How about size 32 pants on a […]


From a young age we’re told the requirements. Homework that’s required at school. An entrance exam required for that job you want. Or the wedding vows, required to prove your commitment. For Micah the prophet, life in the community of God required something. It wasn’t sacrifices and offerings, right doctrine and theology. It was much […]

Greater Than

So there was this guy named Nathan (His real name was Nathanael,…

Walking Into Your Destiny

Maybe you saw this video on social media the other day. His…

A Motto That Means Something

Last week I talked about a Motto That’s On Mission, and basically…

“My passion is helping people tell their stories. Taking their thoughts and ideas and turning them into words that inspire people to action! That’s what I’m all about.”